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Whether you are a neophyte or a wine professional, settling in a wine-growing region requires a certain amount of expertise and preliminary analysis that only a wine consultant who understands all the aspects and characteristics of each wine-growing region can provide.  


In each region, Vinea Transaction wine experts combine the essential skills to audit, appraise, and analyze your vineyard project from the vineyard to the winery.   We offer à la carte formulas adapted to the needs of each wine estate allow for a tailor-made intervention.


From a simple land expertise to a vineyard detailed audit, or a complete management of the estate. All expertise missions can be set up.   Vinea Transaction puts you in touch with vineyard service providers to understand your real needs.


Our partners will offer you a wine expertise, recommendations and a precise plan of innovative services for vineyard and wine.   You are a winemaker winegrower and looking for wine advice and assistance? Our partners offer personalized technical support.  


In every region in France, our partners provide operational support to winery owners, wine companies, investors and professionals in the realization of their wine projects. Whether you choose sustainable or organic farming, our partners can guide you.  


With their strong technical, human and legal experience, our partners respond to the concrete needs of farmers or winemakers who, temporarily or permanently, wish to be helped in different matters : technical direction, general management or property management. Their expertise covers the entire cycle of viticulture to take over all or part of the vineyard management.  


You need assistance with the management of farming, the purchase of the sanitary products, the management of the grape harvests and declarations, vinification, breeding, bottling or marketing? Vinea Transaction will direct you to the best service provider according to your needs.



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