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Organic wine production is booming in all of the winegrowing regions of France, and we are seeing more and more interest in buying organic vineyards. 9% of wine grown in the country is organic, which accounts for around 80,000 hectares, and 17% of the vineyards are in the process of becoming organic (around 12,000 hectares). And what if you were to buy an organic vineyard estate?

The Mediterranean region has the largest concentration of vines cultivated using organic farming. The climate is idea, the summers are hot and dry, the winters mild, with a strong wind. The cold north-westerly mistral wind and the sparse rainfall prevent diseases from developing on the vines. The climate conditions are therefore very favourable and well-suited to producing organic wines.

The Vinea Transaction network offers a selection of vineyard estates on sale with an AOC or IGP. The number of adverts in the Vinea Transaction network showing vineyard estates and properties for sale is growing.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of organic products, which explains the constant increase in demand and consumption of wines produced from organic farming in France and the rest of Europe. Every year, the demand for organic wines increases.

The production of organic wine is regulated by a precise set of European specifications, and does not use chemical treatments during the cultivation or wine-making process. The AB label can be obtained 3 years after converting to organic farming, and it is subject to controlled certification every year by the various authorised certification bodies, in particular ECOCERT, DEMETER, BURO and VERITAS.

In addition to organic farming, biodynamic farming takes the approach even further. It relies on balancing the vines with their environment by improving the ground and the vine with mixtures made from vegetable, animal or mineral matter. These natural treatments must be applied according to the lunar and planetary calendars. There are labels that certify products that have been produced by biodynamic farming, such as Demeter or Biodyn.

Finally, there is a trade fair specially dedicated to organic wine, the Millésime Bio wine fair, which is held in Montpellier every year, and brings together the producers and key players in the organic sector, from France and around the globe.

A selection of vineyard estates for sale

The Vinea Transaction network offers a selection of winegrowing estates, and castles that use organic farming in every region, as well as properties that are in the process of converting to organic or biodynamic farming.

Whatever sort of winegrowing property you are looking to buy, Vinea Transaction has a wealth of options on offer. You can consult our adverts for the different winegrowing regions of Languedoc-Roussillon, la Vallée du Rhône, la Loire, la Provence, le Beaujolais or Bordelais. So check out our adverts for organic vineyards for sale, at a range of prices. The price of an organic vineyard is slightly higher than the sale price of a conventional vineyard, and this price gap is likely to grow in the next few years.

You will find some very different organic winegrowing estates for sale depending on the region. We offer you a large choice of winegrowing estates for sale, in particular ones with a contemporary villa, an authentic stone house, or a historical castle. The organic vineyards for sale come complete with: a winemaking cellar and different annexes such as the sales vault, barrel storehouse, office, hangar, staff flat, caretaker’s cottage, etc. If your plan is essentially based on buying organic vineyards, the Vinea Transaction network can find you some organic hectares for sale. Discover our selection of vineyards with AOP or IGP appellations, with fair value for money.

Selling organic vineyards requires real expertise, because the cultivation of vines is demanding, and different from conventional agriculture. At the moment, the price of organic vineyards does not benefit from scaling, but that will soon come.

Come to our regional agencies. Our experts will advise you in your search for an organic winegrowing estate, and guide you throughout the whole of your project to purchase an organic vineyard.