Vineyard marketing & communication

It is often said that there is the know-how but also to the « let it know » to others. This is also true in matters of selling a wine estate. Marketing and communication in France ‘s wine industry include several fields: label design, the website creation (merchant or not),  newsletters and advertising in wine magazines.


The wine industry is changing and technologies are evolving! Winemakers and neo-winemakers are increasingly use a mix of traditional and / or innovative tools to make a difference with their competitors in order to ensure their wine marketing and communication. The wines of « Old Europe », the historical melting pot of viticulture, now face those of the new world. A perfectly studied management is asignificant added value to ensure the perenniality of the wine estate. A marketing and communication plan, because crafting great wines is not enough, you need to get it known !


Tradition, modernism, avant-gardism, everything is a question of choice, and especially of adequacy with yout product – Facebook and social networks have created a new dimension in the field of marketing and communication to build a real consumer base. The emergence of web  commerce enlights online sales, and live videos provide can a close link with the consumer. When it comes to virtual reality, it brings a trendy, modern touch to your wine estate.


Digital  marketing comes in addition to  print especially since the latter globally goes down in the marketing of wine.

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