The last French regions where new winegrowers can still set up in business

In recent years, wine consumption in France has fallen significantly. Against this backdrop, what is the situation regarding wine-growing land? […]

“The delay can reach 9 months”, with the Sempastous law, sales of agricultural companies drag on.

The Sempastous law, which regulates the sale of agricultural companies, came into force on March 1. The players concerned are […]

Investing in a wine estate

While wine estates offer an exceptional setting and a unique way of life, they also demand a constant commitment. Our […]

Vinea Transaction from sale to purchase, tailor-made support

Publi-reportage – Le Cahier du Tourisme en Provence June 2023 For 30 years, Vinea Transaction has been the network of […]

Wine estates in Provence: how to get a good deal?

Provence is in the spotlight with recent transactions that have made the headlines. Is the wine landscape in the Var […]

The corner of the land, to facilitate the access to the wine offers in Beaujolais

Within the framework of the Generation Renewal project in Beaujolais, its actors have launched an Internet site to put in […]

Bordeaux to conquer Provence

When Bordeaux looks to the Mediterranean vineyards Many rich Bordeaux owners are flocking to Provence, looking for beautiful bastides, but […]

Wine growing land: Pic Saint Loup takes off, prices soar

SERIE (1/2) – The Pic Saint Loup is a beloved appellation of the Montpellier region and attracts investors from the […]

Opinion | Transmission of endangered farms

The Sempastous bill attacks what is most sacred in the agricultural world, namely the transmission of farms. Passed, the Sempastous […]


“Dream vineyard properties”