A specific vineyard insurance

Insurance is mandatory in France. Protecting your vineyard estate is essential, with an adapted risk coverage.


A wine estate constitutes a complex set of buildings, at the same time a company, people and a heritage. Moreover, insurin wine stocks and marketing risks of wine, considered as “food products” is very specific. Each wine estate therefore needs a very specific insurance ; all parameters must be taken into account :

  • Vineyard and complementary crop insurance: vineyards, olive trees, orchards, etc.e
  • Contract on the operating buildings: cellars, winery, tasting and sales rooms
  • Insurance on residential buildings: furniture, pieces of art (paintings, sculptures …)
  • Agricultural equipment and machinery equipment (tractors, trailers, tools …)
  • Vineyard crop losses: fire, frost, hail (weather event), natural disaster
  • Loss of income due to unpaid invoices
  • Insurance on bank loans and financial investments
  • Owner’s and operating companies civil liability, legal protection
  • Social insurance of the manager and employees

During winter and spring, the vineyard can suffer from frost, either partially or completely and can compromise the harvest. The production of wine will therefore be reduced, the costs substantial. The operating loss guarantees can be indispensable.


Different kind of insurance contracts exist to protect the winemakers and winegrowers in order to:

  • To insure the property: vineyards, buildings, machinery, equipment
  • To protect against the risks concerning the wine business: harvest, vinification, wine bottling and storage …

That is why it is essential to entrust specialists to insure the operating vineyards and land. They will fully measure the risks and damages to insure. A wine estate must also be insured during the time between the sales agreement and the final closing.


Vinea Transaction, specialist of wine properties transaction, guides and advises you in the realisation of your project. We put at your disposal our address book of insurance vineyard specialists. They will help you to make the relevant insurance choices (crop loss, risk and damage cover) in order to optimize and protect your wine estate. Focus on your real job of winemaker and winegrower and subscribing a wine insurance adapted to your needs. Whether you are a wine merchant, producer or winemaker, our partners in each region of France will offer you a specific insurance that will meet your requirements.


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