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Languedoc – Takeover of Domaine Les Chemins de Bassac by Matt Jansen

September 2021

Matt Jansen, CEO of Nobleagri , a branch of the multinational COFCO, has just acquired the Domaine des Chemins de [...]

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Côtes-du-Rhône – Vinea Vallée du Rhône sells the Domaine Coteaux des Anesses

July 2021

The Domaine Coteaux des Anesses in St Hilaire d’Ozilhan changes ownership, Vinea Transaction Vallée du Rhône assisted and supported, buyer [...]

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Beaumes de Venise – Vinea Transaction Rhône Valley sells Domaine de Coyeux

The Domaine de Coyeux in Beaumes de Venise is bought by the company Maisons & amp; Vineyards chaired by Isabelle [...]

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Côtes de Provence – Vinea Transaction Provence sells the Domaine de la Cascade d´Argens

July 2021

Located in the town of Thoronnet, the estate runs along the Argens, the vines have been replanted recently. The place [...]

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Vaucluse – Vinea Transaction Vallée du Rhône sells Domaine Saint Laurent to Moirmoiron

January 2021

Vinea Transaction sold the Domaine Saint Laurent in Mormoiron in the Ventoux appellation. This area was taken over by the [...]

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Vaucluse – Takeover of Domaine Oratoire Saint Martin by Château Mont-Redon

July 2020

The Domaine Oratoire Saint Martin , historic property on nearly 20 ha in Cru Cairanne and operated by the family [...]

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Hérault – Vinea Languedoc sells Domaine Saint André

March 2020

One of the major French wine trading companies, LGI in Carcassonne , takes over the Saint André à Mèze estate. [...]

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Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Vinea Vallée du Rhône sells Domaine les Clefs d’Or

February 2020

The Domaine les Clefs d’Or in Châteauneuf-du-Pape is bought by Maison Guigal which called on Vinea Transaction Vallée du Rhône [...]

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Loire – Sale of the Louis Métaireau Grand Mouton estate

November 2019

Julien and Laure ROSSIGNOL take over the Louis Métaireau Grand Mouton estate . This operation was led by Alain PAINEAU. [...]

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Vinea Transaction Vallée du Rhône sells Domaine la Millière

October 2019

The Domaine la Millière between Orange and Châteauneuf-du-Pape is bought by a senior executive of a large food group. This [...]

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