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Be bold and experience selecting a winegrowing estate for sale in the Beaujolais region, and become a wine producer!  The winegrowing region of Lyon, bathed by the Rhône and Saône rivers. Come and discover this area of Beaujolais, with its vineyards and its natural rolling landscape.

Vinea Transaction offers you a selection of vineyard estates for sale on the Beaujolais wine route. Come and discover this beautiful region, with its vines and prestigious vineyards, and live the wine experience, with characterful wines and terroirs. The vineyards of Beaujolais stretch over more than 21,000 hectares, from Mâcon, a town to the north of Lyon, to the hillsides of the Beaujolais mountains. This winegrowing regions offers a palette of fine and perfumed wines, the Beaujolais and the Beaujolais Villages, with various exceptional terroirs, such as Saint Amour, Juliénas, Brouilly, Chiroubles, Fleurie, Moulin à Vent, Côte de Brouilly, Morgon, and more. This winegrowing region of France is known worldwide in particular thanks to its appellation that is so eagerly awaited every year on the third Thursday of November: “The Beaujolais Nouveau”. “The Beaujolais Nouveau” is a young wine produced mainly from gamay grapes, and is known for its fruity taste. Are you looking for a vineyard for sale in the Beaujolais region? The Beaujolais region also benefits from a unique natural and cultural heritage, with its medieval sites and its villages built from golden stones… Whether you are looking for a few hectares of vineyard, a winegrowing château, a lovely house surrounded by vines or an unusual home with a succession of luxurious rooms in the Beaujolais region… check our large selection of vineyards for sale and find the property of your dreams!


Invest in a vineyard situated in the Beaujolais region

The Vinea Transaction Burgundy Beaujolais team, based in Belleville, is at your service to help and advise you in the negotiation for winegrowing properties or prestigious homes in Burgundy, Beaujolais and the Northern Côtes de Rhône. With over 25 years’ experience in the field of vinegrowing and wine production, Vinea Transaction Burgundy Beaujolais knows how to support and guide you in your choice and through the process to buy your winegrowing estate. With Vinea Transaction you can acquire your property in the Beaujolais winegrowing region at a fair price. Our will and ability allows you to fully dedicate yourself to your new life as a winemaker at the heart of your vineyard. Your future winegrowing estate, with the keys in your hand at the heart of the Beaujolais, your plot of vines or your winegrowing château await you, whatever your criteria (price, surface area, appellations, wines, house, etc.) Vinea Transaction Burgundy Beaujolais will find you an exceptional property!


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