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Become owner of a vineyard in France in the “Wine Country” with Vinea Transaction. Live the experience and produce an exceptional wine.

France, the world’s leading wine producer with 17 wine regions, different terroirs and grape varieties, produces a unique diversity of wines : More than 3000 different wines in 80 departments! Buy a few hectares vineyard in AOP and IGP in France. The wine regions of Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, Burgundy and Champagne … have contributed to the international reputation of French wine. Where will be your vineyard in France? Vinea Transaction’s agencies are located in the very heart of the wine regions of France, our knowledge of the wines, terroirs, appellations and major winemakers is complete. We probably have the vineyard of your dreams for sale at the right price. France is the ideal place to invest in a wine estate with a large offer of exceptionnal properties. It is the first tourist destination in the world, the wine tourism is in full development, cottages, bed and breakfast and activities such as equestrian centers are implanted in the vineyards and vineyard properties for sale. Each wine region of France offers vineyards and vineyard estates for budget. Vinea Transaction offers for sale French vineyard properties and chateaux near tourist historic towns and picturesque villages that are ideal to develop your oenouristic project with a restored, bed and breakfast or gîtes. As a true brand, investing in French vineyards from Bordeaux to the Côtes de Provence, is the key to enter the wine market. You are a trading company, you want to demonstrate your knowledge as a winemaker and need to enhance your image? The purchase of a vineyard, a wine estate or a winery is the solution. You are a winemaker and want to develop your domain? Vinea Transaction will search for your vines. Neo winemaker, oenophile or in total professional reconversion, Vinea Transaction will find the vineyard or your French property with a house, a castle or beautiful mansion for sale in France and that meets your expectations.


Invest in a French vineyard property

Vinea Transaction is the major national and international network specialised in vineyard transactions, and the development of existing vineyards. Because a vineyard is not just a simple property, Vinea Transaction shares its know-how and experience. You are a wine lover or a wine, professional and need to buy a vineyard in France? Share your project with usand let us guide you. The teams of the Vinea Transaction’s network are specialists in the vineyards of France with each of their specificities. We have a perfect knowledge of the market and trends in each wine region of France. The price of vineyard varies according to the wine regions of France, on average, between 10 000 and 30 000 euros per hectare for the IGPs and generics and around 100 000 euros per hectare and more for prestigious appellations. The crus and grands crus classés count among the most expensive vineyards of the world. Trust Saint Vincent, the holy patron of winemakers, there is no age or season to buy a domain or a wine estate. Your future estate and vineyard may be protected by a Saint who will watch over your vineyard and your wines.


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