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And why not become a winegrower in Cognac! You wish to invest in a renowned vineyard or an exceptional wine estate in Cognac, check out our selection of wine properties for sale in Cognac.

In the popular Cognac region, Vinea Transaction offers a selection of vineyards and vineyard properties for sale in Cognac. Settle in Cognac, this wine tourism area rich in culture, heritage, landscapes, … renowned throughout the world for its brandy. The Cognac vineyard covers nearly 75,000 hectares over the Charente and Charente-Maritime (departments of the New Aquitaine region) and some towns of the Deux-Sèvres and Dordogne departments, it is the largest European vineyard with white grape varieties. The  4 main grape varieties are Colombard, Folle Blanche, Ugni blanc and Sémillon. Cognac is a complex wine of appellation, classified according to the characteristics of the terroirs: Good wood, Fine wood, Ordinary wood, Borderies, Small Champagne and Great Champagne .. You are looking for a cru vineyard property with land? A castle, a trading company with an associated brand and a team in place? Vinea Transaction selects for you the property corresponding to your requirements. Our website offers a wide choice of wine properties for sale in Cognac, in the heart of Charente: whether you are looking for an exceptional vineyard including a large historic castle with a park, distillery, winery and vineyards, or plots of land or vines, you will find the product that suits you according to your criteria (price, real estate, vineyards, wines …)


Invest in a vineyard property in Cognac

Our consultants will back you up in negociating the right price of your land, vineyard and real estate. With our experience of more than 25 years, we will guide you to appreciate the Cognac wine market. The vineyards for sale have been carefully evaluated. We use several methods to estimate a wine estate :

  • Evaluation of the living buildings: house or castle which can in some cases be the main part of the sale
  • Evaluation of the vines: age of the vineyard, grape varieties, density of plantation but also geographical micro zone (appellation) and quality of the terroir are determining elements to value the vines at the right price. Petite Champagne cannot be estimated as Grande Champagne.
  • Estimation of the production tool: winery, cellars, culture equipment, technical facilities, stocks, work and condition of the vineyard, wines.
  • Brand and customer base evaluation
  • Analysis of the property’slegal and tax situation.

Our Vinea Transaction negotiators, experts of the Cognac wine market, analyzed and estimated each wine estate for sale in Cognac. Calling on Vinea Transaction is your guarantee to buy a vineyard at the right price and coherent with the wine market in Cognac.


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